Langasite, langatate - new piezoelectric crystals
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Sensor blanks

Langatate (LGT) crystals possess series of important physical properties that is used in sensors of physical quantities. LGT crystals have certain advantages compared to traditional piezoelectric materials (piezoceramics and quartz) used in sensors measuring physical values.

LGT elements can be used in pressure and vibration sensors operating at temperatures up to 600 °C. Sensors capable of withstanding 900 °C are currently under development.

Langatate (LGT) blocks and plates for sensing elements

Langatate blocks for sensing elements Langatate plates for sensors
Diameter, mm up to 60 - 80
X direction, mm 5 - 30
Y direction, mm 5 - 30
Z direction, mm up to 100

LGT sensing elements for sensors

Langatate sensing elements
External diameter D, mm 6 - 15
Internal diameter d, mm 3 - 6
Thickness, mm from 0.15
Metallization iridium, gold
Orientation, dimensions are reflected in customer specifications

Sensing Element Specification Worksheet ( doc, 131 KB)

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